4 ways to draw Google Analytics insights to overcome business challenges

Odds are awfully good and in favor of an online marketer these days, if web analytics forms an essential part of his digital marketing toolkit. Taking into consideration web analytics acceptance on a large scale basis in the digital market, it is quite likely that the tool he/she is using is none other than ‘Google Analytics’. Period!

It is a stated fact one can be sworn into that where there is Analytics involved, there are insights waiting to come out.

When you are aware of the sources of your website traffic, you can make a very calculated move next time. Surveying the traffic sources bisected by channels can provide a helping hand to business to conclude if channel-specific marketing proposals are profitable or not.

This leads to the most troublesome question – how to draw insights from Google Analytics and make the most of your analytical approach?

This article is the answer to that question.

Questions to be answered

How to use Google Analytics insights as a deterrent when it comes to dealing with business challenges? How to use this essential data to augment the performance of your website and achieve your online marketing goals?

These are some of the most obvious questions related to analytics that needs to be answered for sure. The answers to these questions are hidden behind the veil of Google Analytics, as it has tons of data and information about your particular business and clients.

Interpreting this essential data before making your next marketing move is the key to enable your business growth bloom at jet speed. Sounds nice, isn’t it?

Insights you need

Analytic stands for analysis and not just reporting.

Holding this phenomenon true, we are going to focus on four important types of reports to draw significant insights from Google Analytics, even though there are nearly 100 reports available in the tool. The four significant reports include:

Audience- report that provides information about the visitors

Acquisition- these reports state the source from where visitors are coming

Behavior- these reports reveal the activity on your website, including every page

Conversions- these reports state how many visitors are converted into leads and subscribers

A quick look at the reports

Audience report

This essence of this report is that it gives clear information about the visitors to your website.

What good is this information?

For starters, this report from Google Analytics gives information about the visitors to your website. All you need to do is go to the Audience>Mobile>Overview section to get complete information about mobile visitors, the percentage of users using mobile, and the possibility of such visitors to become leads.

The need- Say you wish to build a phone-friendly version of your website. Data from Audience report will reveal what percentage of visitors to your website are using mobile phones for their approach.

The breakdown- If the percentage of mobile users is more, it is highly recommended to come up with a mobile version of the website, and vice-versa. The information from Audience report can save a lot of unnecessary expense, at the same time encourages investment on the right track.

Acquisition Report

This report answers the questions as to from where the visitors to your website are coming.

What good is this information?

Suddenly you get to know that your website is receiving a lot of traffic. As happy as you will be, the curious version of you who has an acute business acumen, would like to know from which channel most of the users are arriving at your website. This report is designed to answer such questions.

All you need to do is go to the Acquisition> Social> Network Referrals, and you will be enlightened about the visitors from social networking sites, and their session duration on any particular page of your website.

The need- Say, you wish to make your presence felt more in the social media circuit, in a bid to generate more subscribers, traffic, and leads. Data from the Acquisition report will reveal significant numbers that will clear the air as to from which social media site visitors are coming in bulk and are most engaged.

The breakdown- As per the analysis of the Acquisition report, social media contributes a majority of the traffic. If any particular social media channel throws open maximum number of visitors who have subscribed to newsletters or turned into potential clients that channel will be considered useful for the website.

Behavior Report

This report provides a clear picture of what visitors are doing on the site, along with the performance of different pages on the website.

What good is this information?

Say you wish to know what visitors are doing on your particular website, or which page is being visited the most, and your intention is to change the navigation of your website. Behavior report from Google Analytics will give you a detailed idea about which items in your particular website have engaged people the most, and whether you should change the navigation or not.

The need- Out of the total number of clicks on the website, Behavior report clearly declares the number of hits received by each page. This helps to decide how the navigation of the page should be.

The breakdown- As per the Behavior report, only certain page of the website receives the maximum views by the visitors. Any move, related to navigation, design or development of such a page depends on the Behavior report, in a bid to prevent any adverse impact on visitors footfalls.

Conversion report

This report spills the beans about your marketing endeavors

What good is this information?

Say you seek more information in the Contact Us form, from the visitors. Based on the pre-conceived notion that more information from people provides better opportunity and potential leads, you made your marketing move. Data from Conversion report will reveal whether your particular marketing move turned the tables for you or not.

The need- Using data from Conversion report clearly signifies whether the marketing move for your website worked or not. From point-wise detail to numbers, Conversion report reveals it all.

The breakdown- Using Conversion report data reveals how your marketing move shore up the sales per annum. The report also highlights multiple touch points across numerous devices for your website and updates you about the success or failure of your experiment.

The difference between good and bad marketing is the approach. If the marketing move is taken depending on the four essential attributes of Google Analytics, success is pretty much sure if not guaranteed. The point is what you take in and eventually pour out when the time comes.

At SPIN  we know what it takes to draw Google Analytics insights for your business. Join hands with us and witness the magic, today!

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