IT Operation Analytics

SPIN team will help you turn your IT endeavors into a profit center. We help with Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive insights to detect complex issues from multiple symptoms, build remediation and automation engines so that they take actions by sending alerts, triggering a workflow or script to self-heal.

Root Cause Analysis

The models, structures and pattern descriptions of IT infrastructure or application stack being monitored can help users pinpoint fine-grained and previously unknown root causes of overall system behavior pathologies.

Proactive Control of Service Performance and Availability

Predicts future system states and the impact of those states on performance.

Problem Assignment

Determines how problems may be resolved or, at least, direct the results of inferences to the most appropriate individuals or communities in the enterprise for problem resolution

Real-time application behavior learning

Learns and correlates the behavior of an Application based on user pattern and underlying infrastructure on various application patterns, creates metrics of such correlated patterns and store it for further analysis.

Dynamically Baselines Threshold

Learns behavior of Infrastructure on various application user patterns and determines the Optimal behavior of the Infra and technological components, bench-marks and baselines the low and high water mark for the specific environments and dynamically changes the bench mark baselines with the changing infra and user patterns without any manual intervention.

Service Impact Analysis

When multiple root causes are known, the analytics system’s output is used to determine and rank the relative impact, so that resources can be directed to correcting the fault in the most timely and cost-effective way possible.Pattern descriptions of IT infrastructure or application stack being monitored are used to correct or extend the outputs of other discovery-oriented tools to improve the fidelity of information used in operational tasks (e.g., service dependency maps, application runtime architecture topologies, network topologies etc.).

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