Sourcing the Very Best in AI, ML, and Data Science

When there is a need to transform complex situations into intelligent business results, organizations resort to artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and how best to make sense of the available data.

SPIN Strategy’s carefully selected talent pool of AI, ML, and Data Scientists help a wide range of organizations to design and deploy next-generation analytics solutions; thus,empowering them to respond faster to market opportunities and improve their overall performance.

Our team of experts are trained in niche applications of AI and ML that employ deep learning algorithms to predict the most probable outcomes efficiently. Thus, they help organizations to optimize their different business processes, boost productivity, and deliver breakthrough innovations for competitive advantages.

Our AI, ML, and Data Scientist Staffing offer the tactical advantage of thorough evaluation of business-risk evaluation to ensure organizations can enter the different markets securely. Their in-depth domain expertise, strategic approach, and surgical application to niches ensure effective streamlining of data.Furthermore, coupled with normative and predictive analytics, our staffing empowers enterprises to make smart, intelligent decisions that drive profitable business outcomes.

SPIN Strategy’s AI, ML, and Data Scientists are proficient in:

  • Automation, robotics, and the use of sophisticated computer programs
  • Thorough Domain knowledge and experts in top programming languages: Python, Java, JavaScript, C/CPP
  • Adept at Applied Math Sciences including Gradient Descent, Convex Optimization, Lagrange Interpolation, Quadratic Programming
  • Experts in Hadoop, which plays a prominent role in big data storage and data processing

Why SPIN Strategy ?

  • SPIN Strategy’s AI, ML, and Data Scientists are adept at recognizing complex patterns through which they provide deep insights that translate into accuracy, and further, help organizations make intelligent decisions for continual improvements.
  • The future belongs to AI and SPIN Strategy’s AI and ML Staffing are trained for niche applications where they impact business planning, budgeting, and predicting possible outcomes that influence business decisions and growth strategically.
  • Our Staff are trained to engineer the most cost-effective solutions that help save companies resources and reinforce loss-prevention measures.
  • By harnessing the potential of the data, our data scientists have unique approaches to visualization using which they provide actionable insights that empower organizations to be ready for any situation and make confident decisions – accurately and real fast.
  • SPIN Strategy’s AI, ML, and Data Scientists are all certified, many of whom hold the following certifications:
    • Web Analyst Certification
    • Data science and Big Data Analytics Certification
    • PG Program - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    • Big Data Certification
    • Data Science Certification
    • Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP)
    • Certified Specialist in Predictive Analytics
  • Only the best-fit candidates are staffed through a Scientific Assessment that ensures their skill sets meet the job-role demands appropriately.
  • Pre-screening of candidates is conducted by a team of experts, thus ensuring superior quality standards.
  • SPIN Analytics and Strategy has extensive experience in successfully staffing AI, ML, and Data Scientists across multiple industry verticals, which has consequently empowered many businesses to make intelligent decisions and grow significantly.
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