Application Security Staffing

Bankable Resources for Enhanced Application Security Services

SPIN Strategy’s diverse portfolio of Application Security Staffing Services comprises of domain experts who can support IT teams with the most relevant expertise where needed most. Whether it is ensuring security that promotes flawless application availability through different models including Hybrid IT and Multi-Cloud services or promoting customer engagement for organizations across different verticals, SPIN’s vast network of screened and qualified resources are bankable assets that ensure end-to-end security for all web applications, virtual, cloud and other software defined data centers.

At SPIN Analytics and Strategy, we conduct meticulous scrutiny of all candidates prior to recommendation and deployment such that their skills are perfectly compatible with the respective job-role-requirements. As a result, our suggested resources are already pre-screened even before they can get past the organization board panels. Hence, this ensures staffing of only top-notch quality candidates who can significantly propel businesses efficiently to greater heights.

Why SPIN Strategy ?

  • Vast Network of proficient Application Security Experts who are holders of Certified Application Security Specialist (CASS) certification.
  • Bespoke and Scientific Mapping of Application Security requirements for each organization to find the best-fit candidate with relevant skill-set.
  • Pre-screening of candidates conducted by App Security Specialists having in-depth domain knowledge and expertise.
  • Successful prior experience in staffing Application security professionals across multiple industry verticals that have helped an illustrious portfolio of clients scale their businesses.
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