Intelligent Staffing for Business Intelligence to Drive Definitive Results

A good beginning is half the battle. However, in today’s uncertain and complex business markets, nothing can be left to chance. Similar to Sun Tzu’s military commandment where every battle is won before it is fought, enterprises need to have decisive strategies and technologies in place, and have every single detail thought through prior to their flawless execution. This is very much needed for achieving the desired organizational goals. SPIN Analytics and Strategy has its Business Intelligence Staffing infused with such crystal-clear clarity.

SPIN Analytics and Strategy houses a team of brilliant business intelligent resources who specialise in transforming data into information and information into actionable insights, through which they effectively make direct impact on the organization revenues. They are adept at analysing complex data for meaningful insights that explore the potential in different situations and pave the paths for ground-breaking opportunities, thus, enabling them to grow businesses.

They incorporate a mix of historical, current, and predictive views along with varied intelligence technologies, which consist of analytical processing, complex event processing, business performance management, predictive and prescriptive analytics, process mining, data mining (both structured and unstructured data), and reporting. With an aim to facilitate easy interpretation of big data, SPIN Strategy’s BI resources chart out the success-blueprints for growth, long-term stability, and competitive market advantage.

SPIN Analytics and Strategy’s Business Intelligence Resources are proficient in:

Technically Skilled in Relational databases and SQL Programming
Data Analysis and Data Modeling
Group consolidation, budgeting, and rolling forecasts
In-depth knowledge on specific industries across multiple verticals.
Dedicated long-term consultants
Multidimensional aggregation and allocation
Statistical inference and probabilistic simulation
Denormalization, tagging, and standardization
Expert interfacing with unstructured data sources
Problem-solving and Administrative Skills
Key performance indicators optimization
Realtime reporting with analytical alert
Excellent Communication skills.
Advanced vision and attention to detail.
Sharp Business acumen.

Why SPIN Strategy ?

  • SPIN’s BI resources are adept at recognizing complex patterns through which they provide deep insights that translate into accuracy, and further, help organizations make intelligent decisions for continual improvements.
  • Our BI staff are skilled at niche applications and make sharp decisions from the available data.Their inferences influence business decisions and enable enterprises to flourish.
  • Our Staff are trained to engineer the most cost-effective solutions that help companies save resources and reinforce loss-prevention measures.
  • By harnessing the potential of the available data,our BI staffing engineer unique visualizations that lead to scalable real-time solutions and pave paths for flawless process executions.
  • SPIN Strategy’s BI recruits are all Certified Business Intelligence Professional (CBIP). Besides, many others hold certifications from among the following:
    • Certified Implementation Specialist from Oracle Business Intelligence
    • Tableau Desktop Certified Professional
    • Tableau Server Certified Professional
    • QlikView Business Analyst
    • QlikView Data Architect
    • SAP Certified Application Associate
    • SAS Certified BI Content Developer
  • Only the best-fit BI candidates are staffed through a Scientific Assessment that ensures their skill sets meet the job-role demands appropriately.
  • Pre-screening of candidates conducted is by a team of experts, thus, ensuring superior quality standards.
  • Successful experience in staffing BI Analysts across multiple industry verticals, which has empowered many businesses to make intelligent decisions and grow significantly.
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