Custom Solutions

Address organization’s unique and pressing business challenges with customized Analytics programs

Accelerating business with SPIN’s Custom Analytics

At SPIN, our Data Scientists take the effort out of preparing and integrating data from all sources to help you deal with business challenges by:

Custom Solution

Developing the right Analytics solutions for your business

Custom Solution

Proving end-to-end Data Solution

Custom Solution

Preparing insights and products to boost revenue

Custom Solution

Preparing insights to innovate, and boost customer satisfaction

SPIN’s Custom Analytics Services: Categories

Descriptive AnalyticsAnalyses past actions to prepare for future eventsData Warehousing, Web Log Analysis, Text Analysis, Statistical Inference, Descriptive Statistics, etc.
Predictive AnalyticsUtilizes data to determine the possible future outcomesTime Series Analysis, Forecasting, Artificial Neural Networks, Regression, Decision Risk Analysis
Prescriptive AnalyticsTakes data and models to suggest the best course of action for the futureNumerical Simulation, Tabular Search Optimization, Optimization of business decisions, Mixed Linear Integer Programming, etc.
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