Is your customer spending adequate time on your website?

As true as it gets, with time rise of social media has only changed the course of business of all sizes, especially how they interact with customers.

Instead of giving complete attention to the touch points of marketing and sales process, companies are now diverting their full attention on using social technologies to step-up their ongoing relationship with customers and visitors.

And thanks to all mighty, it is paying off well.

But why customer engagement on a website has gained so much limelight in recent times?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that companies who prioritize customer engagement and leave no stone unturned when it comes to keeping a customer hooked on to the landing page, without doubt, have more loyal customers than anyone.

Better, if customers engage with a brand online, the retention and investment of the company’s products’ spike up to 35 percent. How about that!

And the most tried-and-tested method to drive zillion visitors to your website is the universally accepted approach- ‘a marketing campaign’.

Visitors should stay longer. But why?

There are some visitors who leave without clicking again, while others click on a few things before taking a leave. And then there are others who spend a lot of time on your website- marketers target these types of visitors to meet organizational goals and a bring a smile on the face of the company owner.

The more people spend time on your website, the more it is evident that your website is in the good books of many. Likewise, if visitors abandon your website and take a walk, it is crystal clear that something somewhere needs urgent fixing.

Visitors who abandon your website are directly proportional to jacked-up bounce rate. The math is simple- the more visitors leave your website, the higher the bounce rate will be. This, eventually, impacts the conversions and the annual profit margin goes for a toss.

Customer engagement: important for all

Typically, most Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumers have their interest vested in knowing how many visitors interact with their particular website.

Quite a number of B-to-B online companies depend on offline sales after a customer has browsed through the company’s website. On the other hand, most B-to-C sites experience visitors who just browse through the website but do not make any purchase.

The bottom line- knowing the number of visitors to a website can actually help to strategize a marketing plan for the best for both B-to-B and B-to-C companies.

Impressive tricks to engage customers

Everyone is looking for the answer to the tough question- how to make customers/visitors spend more time on their website. To win the battle of customer engagement, one needs to be a die-hard follower of the below points that can do wonders in nick of time, for a website owner.

The answer to the universal question-how to engage online visitors starts with:

Live Chat: Tagged as a very profitable method that is in the saddle, live chat is known to step-up user engagement on a website significantly.By resolving every query in an instant, this one service solves every query of a visitor, giving him/her the confidence to become a potential customer.

Social Media Tool: Adding social media share buttons on a website page not only encourages a customer to share their learning with everyone else but also used their own network (of Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter etc.) to perk up the website traffic.

Amazing content: ‘Content is king’ is a universal concept but has a different meaning altogether. Uploading average content in bulk would not make any difference (other than loss of time and money), rather uploading meaningful quality content is what that makes the difference. A customer is hooked on to your website only when the content is engaging enough.

Reviews: Customer reviews hold significant weight in every marketing channel. Especially, for an e-commerce website, good reviews about a product can severely up its game in the industry.

The final say

When a customer is more engaged with your business they represent your business via social media, videos, blogs, and word of mouth too. Along with a proper advertising campaign targeted at specific customer segment, proper customer engagement is a mandate to build the backbone of your online business.

To put it simply, as a site owner your objective should be to make the visitors stay long enough on your website to see what you are offering.

At SPIN we know what it takes to rope in your viewers for long, we can give you the insights. Step in today!

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