Let Analytics Tell You What The Customer Needs

Companies compete vigorously with each other each day to attract new customers, retain the ones they have, and ensure their loyalty. But this is not an easy task, especially when consumers are more informed than ever and the environment is becoming more competitive.

In today’s age, consumers have smartphones with internet access. They consult every specific detail of the products and services they want to buy. Consumers can compare prices or even make purchases from their smartphones themselves, even while still on the floor of a store. It is a fact that mobile technology and access to digital information are transforming the way consumers buy and the experience they expect to receive from brands. It is no doubt that customers have evolved.

While mobile connectivity has given rise to new ways of buying, it is also creating opportunities to interact directly with customers and do so in a more personalized way.

New consumers are now taking control of their shopping experience because they know what they want and the approach they want to have with a brand. These consumers have immediate access to information from companies, their products, prices, and availability. They also have the means to share their decisions and perceptions about the brand in virtually real time.

The loyalty of new consumers is short-term, and this is due to the influence of their networks of thousands of friends with whom they are connected through social networks more than by the marketing strategies of the companies they are buying from.

Given this scenario, companies are aware of the importance of better understanding their customers, their preferences, their buying behaviors, and what they are saying about a brand. At the same time, they are developing the ability to use all this information to make decisions about what products to launch, how, and when to promote and sell them.

Through analytic solutions, it is possible to have a complete view of each customer, their preferences, their tendency to buy certain products or services in real time as well as their history of transactions and interactions with social media. Analytics can combine all relevant information from online and physical channels.

Similarly, analytics offers the ability to predict customer behavior. In particular, through the use of descriptive analytics the main factors that influence customer satisfaction, long-term relationships, and increased sales can be identified.

From the use of analytics, marketers and promoters can produce targeted campaigns more quickly, and able to influence purchasing trends in their favor. Ensuring that the marketing and promotion processes are based on clean, accurate and updated data that allow them to make strategic decisions to achieve greater profitability

Do you know exactly what your customers want? How can you make sure they get it? Are your campaigns coming to the right customers and having the expected results? SPIN Analytics & Strategy can help you answer these and other questions! Contact us today to get started.

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