Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics includes data not only from your website, but also from other sources like email, social media, and even offline events. SPIN's Marketing Analytics team provides insights into the campaign performance, identifies the right targets with advanced models,and suggest attribution models for effective measurement. We help in the following areas


Segmentation solution ensures that our clients are no longer guessing about who their best customers are, how to reach them and what they need. SPIN's experts have done the segmentation in eCommerce, Retail, Payment Technology and Healthcare industries. Market segmentation is the process of dividing an entire market up into different customer segments. Targeting or target marketing then entails deciding which potential customer segments the company will focus on. Marketing segmentation always comes before targeting, which helps a company be more selective about who they are marketing their products to. Marketing segmentation and targeting are equally important for ensuring the overall success of a company.

Customer Lifetime Value

How much should a company spend per acquisition?
Calculating customer lifetime value (CLV) is the key input for making a decision on how much to spend per acquisition. SPIN team is adept in identifying the right customer value that will help marketers optimize the ROI and increase revenue.

Propensity Models

How can a company identify the customers who are most likely to convert?
Our response to your question is using our 'propensity to buy' to buy model. We analyze the existing customer data with their onsite behavior and their offsite behavior and include that in the model to enable customer’s search preferences to predict the purchase probability. Our models consider anywhere up to 140 to 200 variables and identify top 4 or 5 variables that predict the purchase probability and help optimize those particular factors to yield better marketing ROI.

Marketing Attribution

Attribution Modelling is the process of understanding and assigning credit to the acquisition channels which leads to conversions. SPIN’s Attribution model assesses multiple attribution models and applies the right one that suits your business, which makes it a custom attribution model that works exclusively for you. Want more details about our model?

A/B testing and Campaign Analytics

SPIN Strategy runs A/B tests and analyzes the campaign results looking for ideas that are better in a statistically significant way. Statistical significance is due to a number of factors, including how many touch points you send in your tests, how wide the results are between your ideas, how many ideas you’re trying, and more.

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