Pricing and Sales Analytics

Pricing and Sales agility is the key to gain a competitive advantage in a highly fragmented market with wafer-thin brand loyalty.

Leveraging data to study customers’ buying decisions and gauging market trends to accelerate the sales pipeline for increased profitability.

A powerful Lever for Business

The right merger of Pricing and Sales Analytics creates a mechanism that works both as a Metrics Engine and as a measuring tool to study customer habits, track deals, etc.

Pricing & Sales Analytics initiatives also:

spin-pricing & sales analytics

Boosts company margins by

spin-pricing & sales analytics

Analyze the sales process and empower the workforce

spin-pricing & sales analytics

Comprehend internal and external factors impacting profitability

spin-pricing & sales analytics

Creates intervention protocols, sales quota allocation, etc.

Quick results with SPIN’s Pricing and Sales Analytics

Simplifying complex data:

SPIN uses Sisense Software to simplify complex data visualizations to help businesses take better decisions and construct intelligent strategies. This software also helps to deliver sales data as quickly as possible to different departments for real-time monitoring.

Pricing Tools and Systems:

SPIN’s Pricing Systems and Tools comprehend organizational roadblocks, significantly. Its deep expertise in Pricing Tools removes these roadblocks and achieves a high ROI by using:
Pricing guidance for Sales Teams
Price Forecasting tools in global markets
Promotional and Price planning tools

Centralized Sales Data Management:

Sisense software used by SPIN employs a core in-chip tech to prevent systems from slowing down while accumulating and processing volumes of data and insights. Assembling data from multiple sources and storing, compressing, and processing the data with the help of Sisense is SPIN’s mode of operation.


SPIN groups similar consumers and products as the foundation of the pricing structure to boost revenue and profitability with Yellowfin by:
Providing Value-based pricing structure
Enhancing Competitive Pricing
Improving the pricing guidance for Sales Force

Price Optimization:

SPIN’s customized Pricing Optimization engine forecasts market share /margin /revenue at particular price points and optimizes:
  • Price and Volume
  • Product Portfolios
  • Customer and Product prices
  • Channels

Business outcome with SPIN’s insights

Generates a price premium leveraging the swings in demand and supply
Boosts prices in segments with a higher value position
Directs sales and marketing effort on less price-concerned consumers
Automates Sales Team Dashboards to determine the impact of discounts
Offers advanced scenario modelling to never miss opportunities
Focuses on tightly defined issues like which customer segments to target
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