Product Analytics
Analyze Business Users and enhance Customer Experiences to minimize Churn

Make use of data by integrating all sources into one single organized view for optimum product experience

Target right Key Points with Product Analytics

Using Product Analytics help businesses answer questions about the customers of their product by:

  • Tracking Data- Capturing events, visits, actions, etc.
  • Evaluating Data- Visualize data via reports and dashboards

SPIN’s Product Analytics targets the right KPIs

Using tools like TABLEAU and POWER BI, SPIN’s Product Analytics targets the right KPIs by:

Profiling and categorizing users

Identify who are your users and categorize them by region, time, device, or behaviour

Analyzing a Marketing funnel

View customer conversations and his/her journey

Displaying dashboards

Observe data with custom/template reports

Sending Notifications

Connect with users and notify the product team regularly

A/B Test

Test the difference in features or messaging

Product Analysis

Start ingesting data and evaluating it for valuable insights with the right Product Analytics system from SPIN.

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