Pump up your Digital Marketing strategy with AI in 2019

When it comes to engage the customers and reach them easily, there is always some new trend in the market that gets the job done. Digital marketing specialists, who bring forth new techniques to get more customers, tap such trend.

In the present dynamics, the rules of customer engagement are continuously changing, and businesses do not have any option other than accept the change and go with it. Engagement is not just about selling, but also forming a bond with the audience and spread awareness of your brand.

From a customer’s wants and needs to the challenges, digital marketing is present in every aspect of a business, building a stronger connection with customers. In the absence of such a connection, customers feel abandoned and left aside.

But the question is-how to have an incredible digital marketing strategy that gets the job done?

The answer to it lies with Artificial Intelligence that is slowly proving to be an integral aspect of a company’s digital strategy. Organizations like Amazon are taking the benefits of AI to do voice-based marketing with the help of devices like Alexa.

Read on to know how the AI technology can help shape customer’s buying behavior for good and change purchase decisions forever.

AI and Digital Marketing- The relativity

Experts are pretty much confirmed that Artificial Intelligence has a bright future in the domain of digital marketing. Some even confirm that AI offers Predictive Analytics for business and promises a better experience for the customers. It will also provide a sure shot passage for targeted marketing that will help businesses to earn higher ROI.

With the introduction of AI in digital marketing, several major marketers feel confident to include Artificial Intelligence with significant business strategies. And the year 2018 is a proof to it. Imagine the increase in such strategies in 2019.

AI offers intelligent tools for Digital Marketing

Till last few years, marketers were confused whether to adapt the technological advancements and include AI in their digital marketing strategies.

However, with time, the recent years have seen a big change with marketers using AI for good results. All thanks to the intelligent tools, which AI offers for digital marketers, to grow and increase human efficiency significantly.

Chatbots are one such tool that has taken the process of automated response to a completely new level, helping in answering the frequent questions of buyers, and solving their query. This leads viewers to visit the digital media website more and more,  and eventually add to the marketing ROI.

AI changing the game for Digital Marketing

Here are top five ways how AI is contributing in developing technologically sound digital marketing strategies for business:

1. Anticipates Customer Behavior

By introducing AI in digital marketing, not only predicting previous customer experience becomes easy, guessing the behavior of new customers also becomes easy. With the help of new algorithms, Artificial Intelligence collects and analyzes user data that can shortlist the potential lead. This will help to come up with an effective digital marketing strategy.

2. Adds to ROI return

In order to get higher returns on ROI on marketing campaigns – the right combination of Analytics, social data, and CRM is needed. However, without doubt, it is a difficult task and only the combination of AI and marketing can deliver the right output for such a combination.

3. Enhances user experience

A digital marketing strategy cannot attach itself with the successful campaign word unless it promises very good user experience. Only, with the help of a proper content can a user feel more connected and is most likely to convert into a recurring customer.

Artificial Intelligence can help a business collect data and settle down with the most applicable content (based on location, past behavior, and historical data) that can increase  customer interest.

4. Improves Digital Advertising

Seen as one of the rising stars in the digital marketing world, digital advertising has included AI in its core operations these days. For example, Facebook that uses AI to find people who are more likely to take decisions based on an advertisement.

5. Effortless search sessions

Since the present search session for users is quite confusing, the need for easier options has increased. Introducing AI in digital marketing will help search engines to become smarter and less vulnerable to risks. This will enable them to track user behavior.

Make your move

It is safe to say that Artificial Intelligence will keep growing, showing no signs of slowing down. Hence, using AI will help digital marketers to come up with marketing strategies that will allow them to deliver extraordinary customer experience and significant business insights.

Even Forbes agrees to it and promotes the integration of AI in the digital sphere.

It is a tough battle out there and only the smartest one will win. Given such a scenario, using AI in your digital strategy decisions is a pretty smart move.

Time to take smart effective decisions in the ever-evolving digital world.

If you too have a digital business and wish to collaborate with AI to make it big in the industry, you need a guardian to guide you in your quest. SPIN has the expertise and skills to be such a guardian.

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