Sentiment Analysis: A friend indeed for online marketers

The scene from Terminator 2 must be still fresh in everyone’s mind when a budding Jon Connor tells the T-800 the famous expressions from the 90’s such as “Hasta la vista, baby” and “No problemo”. This is something close to what is going to be discussed in this article-Sentiment Analysis.

For almost all online marketers on the make, the number of Twitter Follows and Facebook Likes trot out about their influence on the social media podium. However, these do not vouch for the engagement of fans and viewers.

Enters Sentiment Analysis that adds meanings to the thousands of Likes and Follows, marketers boast about so much.

Sentiment Analysis- in simple terms
Cut to the bone, Sentiment Analysis is all about the examination of the suggestions and comments people post on social media sites (like blogs) and networks. Rather than just analyzing the mere words, Sentiment Analysis lays its emphasis on the follower’s outlook towards a particular brand with the help of elements such as emotion, context, tone and few more.

The feedback (feelings and opinions) of the followers and consumers left on the sites are very crucial to determine the future prospects. In addition to it, such sentiment data is also fundamental for marketers to perform the analysis.

Importance of Sentiment Analysis-Quick look

Understanding of Competitor’s Products
Whenever a product is intended to release in the market, it is first tested in the social media domain. Good or bad, people talk about the product online and give a brief outlook on it. In regard to this, Sentiment Analysis gives a heads up to companies about their competitors as well as the rookies preparing to make an entrance into the industry.

Enhance Customer Service
The likeability quotient of Sentiment Analysis for marketers is always reaching new heights, since it offers a deep acumen of customer’s present and future preferences, opinions, brand attachment, likes and dislikes for a particular product or service.

Riding on the bandwagon of this valuable information of likes and dislikes, an efficient online marketer devises the engagement methods and customer service techniques to trigger positive feedbacks and ward off negative ideologies.

Business Intelligence increases
Endowing the company with more than adequate data about the target audience has been a feature of Sentiment Analysis that has been on the side. A detailed Sentiment Analysis will aid the marketers to spread its wings and reach the targeted audience, comprehend their views and ideas and get an upper hand.

To get an adequate leg up in the domain of online marketing, Sentiment Analysis aspect cannot be ignored. It helps the marketers to emphasize certain aspects and include or exclude marketing materials that may not impact as anticipated, after Sentiment Analysis.

Online marketers, endowed with a mammoth social media universe to keep an eye on, generally go for an automatic Sentiment Analysis solution which focuses on natural language processing; however, humans are the ideal tool so far. This phenomenon can be quoted as true, since machine language is not at par with humans in understanding subtleties of language, text-speak language (OMG, ROFL), sarcasm, etc.

Still confused if Sentiment Analysis can help you with your business or not. Connect with SPIN  and get your answers today.


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