SPIN Analytics is the leader in AI and it has its reasons

Fear it or embrace it, Artificial Intelligence is the revolution that has taken the world by storm, promising to unveil the miracles of modern technology.

On a very basic level, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the effective use of computer algorithms in a bid to imitate human intelligence to reason, learn, and take strategic decisions.

And SPIN Analytics and Strategy has the requisite expertise to throw the dice and take that every analytical decision which can turn your company into a revenue generator.

What is AI? SPIN helps you to understand

AI is that area of computer science, which focuses on the creation of intelligent machines for the utmost technological usage. Simulation of human intelligence makes machines smarter than their archaic counterparts.

So how does SPIN contribute in your approach to avail benefits of analytics for your business? Here is how.

Using its expertise in the business, SPIN offers valuable insights about your line of work to create practical and applicable solutions that can not only address the looming challenges of your company but can also make a difference.

Result– A booming business with streamlined operations and improved processes that has met its three major goals- reduced expenses, increased profit and enhanced risk management.

SPIN’s take on AI is second to none

SPIN has the most ethical approach towards the usage of Artificial Intelligence that helps it to stick out in the crowd. The competition is severe and the search for accurate data is consistent, hence, SPIN ensures to analyze data accurate to identify the most lucrative business opportunities for you.

The door is open for any organization willing to lay foundation in the market as the most ethical user of AI, however, the only barrier that stands in the way of its goal is the factor of ‘trust and transparency’. For any company, to achieve that ‘ethical’ status, it is a long way, but for SPIN, the long route is already covered a long time back.

What makes SPIN so special?

Be it analyzing business opportunities like identifying untapped customer segments or anticipating the impediments that hinder the business growth down the road, AI is at the very core of SPIN and its base of operation.

But how we do it at SPIN? That is the curiosity, which needs detailed answering.

Our approach towards AI is categorized under two aspects- Operations and Marketing

IT Operation Analytics

At SPIN, be rest assured that your online business will turn into a profit centre, riding on the bandwagon of our profitable descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytic insights. From predicting complex issues and coming up with countermeasures to automation engines, at SPIN your concern is our top priority.

A quick look at the three different types of analytical solutions SPIN offers to its clients.
Descriptive– Using data mining and data aggregation SPIN resolves immediate problems like cost optimization.
Prescriptive– Using forecast techniques and statistical models SPIN predicts the future for optimum resource allocation.
Predictive-Using simulation algorithms SPIN automates the workload and detects complex issues at the same time provide remedial measures.

The below-mentioned analytics models used by SPIN to pacify its clients are a feather in its cap.
• Root Cause Analysis- Analyzes the structure and pattern of IT infrastructure to aid the users to identify minute, rare, and completely unknown causes of the system anatomy in the days gone by.
• Problem Assignment- Finds out how problems can be resolved
• Best-of-breed Technology- Analyzes the structure and pattern of IT infrastructure to aid the users to enhance the loyalty of the information used in operational tasks like application runtime architecture topologies, service dependency maps, network topologies, etc.
• Service Impact Analysis- Analyses the impact of the multiple root causes, so that the resources can be used to rectify the fault.
• Control of Service Performance and Availability- Forecasts the future system states and the big blow of those states on conduct and productivity.
• Actual time application behaviour learning- Comprehends the behaviour of application based on usage pattern and stores it for further analysis in the near future

Marketing Analytics

A well-known term among the analytics fraternity, Marketing Analytics comprises of data from your website and also from other points of supply like social media, email, and offline events.

The team of Marketing Analytics at SPIN understands the importance of such data, provides accurate data about campaign performance, attribution models for efficient measurement, and locates the right targets with the help of advanced models.

With certified marketing experts by our side, we help in the following areas:
• Customer Lifetime value- Customer Life Time value is tagged as one of the most decisive data, to come to the conclusion how much to ante up per acquisition. SPIN team chips into your Customer Life Time value by providing the accurate data to beef up the annual revenue and increase ROI eventually.
• Marketing Attribution- Attribution aspect helps in comprehending and allocating credit to the acquisition channels that lead to conversions. SPIN teams collaborate the models that suit best for a particular business and offers its clients a customized attribution model.
• Propensity Models- Identifying the leads that are most likely to convert to customers is a tough nut to crack. But, with SPIN’s team (that evaluates customer data and customer onsite and offsite behaviour to envisage the purchase probability) you get to know which lead will convert to a customer and thereby increase your ROI.
• Segmentation- It is the process of segregating a market into different customer segments. SPIN offers segmentation solution in various domains like Retail, Healthcare industries, e-commerce, and Payment Technology, to help its clients figure out who are its customers and how to reach them.

The conclusion

There are a number of providers in the market today, but the reason why you would choose SPIN over any is that it aids financial and business leaders to not only face the challenges but also reformulate it.

Converting data into actionable insights with ease is what SPIN takes pride at, and will continue to in the days to come.

Our Happy Clients


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