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In a Nutshell, NU INSIGHTS offers you a Smart Dashboard where you log into Reviewing All Your Marketing Results and Website Insights in one place and generate reports to help you share updates with leadership and make better marketing strategy decisions.

–This means no more collecting information from multiple sources.

–Getting to insights faster – so you can be more agile in your marketing decisions.

–Helps make leadership happier because you have data to back those decisions.


Whether you are a one stop shop offering marketing services and insights to your clients or you are an enterprise Fortune 100 company, we built Nu Insights to scale to meet you where your marketing insights are at today and tomorrow.


NPS Optimizer

What is NPS?

Net Promoter Score(NPS, a metric discovered by Fred Reichheld, Bain & Company, and Satmetrix.) is a tool to measure customer loyalty and experience towards a product or brand and monitoring NPS can predict business growth.Measuring customer loyalty is an effective methodology to determine the likelihood that the customer will buy again, be loyal to a brand.

What is NPS Optimizer ?

SPIN offers you NPS Optimizer a full service analysis across all touch points with omni-channel feedback for you to login and review results in one place, generate reports and our analyst can package the results to help you share updates with leadership and make better strategy decisions.

Our full service NPS Optimizer can measure and set the baseline your NPS, predict and prioritize on features to be optimized.

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