The Top Website Analytics You Should Be Measuring

Analytics has become one of the most talked about aspects of marketing. Although analytics is used in many areas, from measuring marketing effectiveness and logistics to sales optimization and more, we will be talking about analytics as it applies to website traffic.

Without measurement of website analytics, marketing measurement game is all about guesswork. By analyzing the data, experts are able to better develop and implement an overall marketing measurement strategy. But which are the top website analytics you should be measuring?

1.Number of Visitors: This is the number of people that visited your site during a specific timeframe. Unique visitors represents the count of individual people that visited your site regardless of the number of times they have visited. So if Person 1 visits your site once and Person B visits your site 4 times, then you will have a total of two unique visitors and six total visits. It is important to track the number of visitors because this represents the size of the audience that you are reaching.

2.Bounce Rate: A “bounce” is when somebody visits your site but then immediately clicks the back button or closes your page. This usually means that the user did not find what they were looking for on your site or they decided to leave. Reducing bounce rate is critical. Every lost visitor is a lost opportunity.

3.Referrals: Referrals help you understand where your traffic is coming from. Referrals track users as they click on links in search engines, on other blogs, and other websites that lead them to your site. Understanding where your traffic is coming from is the key to understanding how your work in promoting your business is doing.

4.Conversion Rate: Conversion rate is the percentage of people who achieved a goal on your site. Goals could be anything from completing a purchase, filling out a contact form, or viewing certain pages on your site. A conversion rate is an ultimate measure of how successful your site is. If a site has a low conversion rate, it could either be that it is attracting the wrong kind of visitor or the site is not effective at convincing visitors that you have the answer to their problem.

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