Top 5 ways how Business Intelligence can revamp your business in 2018

Better customer relations, heightened employee productivity, and multiple revenue sources- these are some of the benefits you can lay your hands on, the moment you breathe a new life into your ‘over the hill’ business intelligence (BI) strategy.

Decision-making, fuelled by insights, has always been the source of strength for organizations to climb the ladder of competitive advantage and stay relevant in the business.

And the constant evolution of BI is the single biggest window for such insights.

For most of the business organizations, the word ‘business intelligence’ rings the bell of statistical summaries and outdated reports.

But under the stale humdrum surface of BI await keen valuable business insights for those who are ready to revamp their business intelligence strategy and take their business forward riding on the bandwagon of modernization.

For those smart business leaders, here is how BI can help their organization bounce back in 2018:
1) Embedding BI enhances employee performance
Often, employees get confused deciding which direct business report to consider while taking the strategic business decision for the organization.

Here, comes in BI that can change your course to the right track and enhance employee performance like never before- by bringing in real-time reports and predicting the trend.

BI can also help employees complete their tasks at hand in an efficient manner, within time restraints.
2) BI triggers better customer service
An unhappy consumer means a business issue, and this does not stay under the wraps for long, especially in the online world.

To prevent spreading such a negative impression like a wildfire, it is imperative to detect it before things go wrong, and only with BI this is possible.

By evaluating data and building easy-to-use tools for end users, BI can easily do a sentimental analysis of the social media trends for a brand and prevent the unhappiness to occur.
3) Infusing BI into other platforms
Technically speaking, using BI tools require a lot of expertise and skills; hence, it is relegated to IT departments.

Since BI has the ability to embed with other platforms, it is possible to build any number of web applications and benefit the business to a great extent.
4) BI Multi-Cloud approach
Data security, the biggest hurdle in the path of large-scale cloud adoption, is a thing of the past with the new BI tools of 2018.

This year may be the perfect time for your business to get a hold of this technology, as it allows data to be stored both in the cloud and on the server of your organization.
5) Data insurance with BI
Over the years, usage of data has been on a steep rise and is expected to grow in the days to come.

Data is a crucial asset for every business; hence, it becomes a necessity to protect it from the wrath of breaches.

And when the question is about cyber security, BI plays a pivotal role. Joining hands with AI, BI guarantees to secure business transactions like never before.

BI capabilities are far fetching

No longer business owners doubt the capabilities of BI solutions since time has borne testimony to the efficiency of this modern day approach.

Now business leaders enquire about the latest advancements in the BI department for the growth and development of their organization.

If you are putting BI into effect for the very first time, or just updating your company systems and shifting to a new one, SPIN is guaranteed to be the ideal choice for you.

With expertise in strategy creation and consulting services,  SPIN will be beside you at every step of your journey.
All you need to do is, step into our office, today!

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