Using Analytics To Improve Your Customer Engagement Strategy

In this day in age, customers want experiences, not just transactions. Customer engagement is the primary driver of growth going forward, and analytics is the number one way to gain insights into the needs of your customers. Analytics helps bridge the gap between providing a basic service to actually solving your customer’s real problems.

Many buyers admit that they are willing to pay more for a better customer experience. They are looking for a service dedicated to solving their major problems in an efficient way. This means that the focus must turn from revenue extraction to value creation. A value must be offered to the customer. Value requires laser-focus, and that’s where analytics steps in.

With analytics, you can monitor usage data to assess the customer experience. Track acquisition channels to observe where customers are coming from and if they’re converting. Furthermore, you can learn about your buyers beyond the usual demographics, like annual revenue, location, and company size. Leveraging big data to better understand and act upon customer behavior, forces you to think differently not only about what data to keep and how long to keep it, but also which data you should begin capturing. With all this data you can begin understanding and predicting your customer’s behaviors and continue improving your customer engagement strategy.

Customer engagement is nothing new, but here at SPIN we can help you approach it differently with the use of analytics. Our team can use data to gain valuable insights into your buyer’s habits and preferences. We can create unmatched value for the customer experience. If you are ready to begin improving your customer engagement strategy, contact us to get started today!

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