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SPIN Analytics helps companies with –

Tag Management and Customization

We help companies with Tag Management by answering the following questions:
What problems does their tags and pixels are causing to their website?
Help solve the problems with their tags and pixels
What tag management solution fits best?
Help them with the implementation and documentation for future references

Website Optimization

We help with setting up A/B test and analyzing the results to optimize the websites or software products on sites.Establish experimentation platform for websites Sample size selection A/B testing Page flow optimization and insights

Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics

Deriving value from data is more intricate than simply running a report: An effective analyst must know which questions to ask and how to find the answers. Our Ongoing Management and Consulting relationships are built around partnership, the hands-on expertise that you would expect from an industry-leading Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics consulting firms, there when you need us. Troubleshooting, advanced implementation, ongoing reporting, regularly-scheduled calls… we do what we do best to keep your data working for you.
Transform Data into Actionable Insight
Data alone is simply information; turning that data into actionable insight is the tricky part. We combine analytics tools, uncommon insight, and one of the longest running Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics practices in the country to help you do it. Our expertise includes data analysis and visualization through tools like R, Tableau, Google Sheets, Shufflepoint, BigQuery, and more.
We build Google reports and Adobe report to provide behavioral insights
Give you numbers that actually matter and help your bottom line.
Our simple layout allows you to provide a visually appealing analytics dashboard and reporting platform you will understand.

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