Website Analytics

Tag Management and Customization

We help companies with Tag Management by answering the following questions:
What problems does their tags and pixels are causing to their website?
Help solve the problems with their tags and pixels
What tag management solution fits best?
Help them with the implementation and documentation for future references

Website Optimization

We help with setting up A/B test and analyzing the results to optimize the websites or software products on sites.Establish experimentation platform for websites Sample size selection A/B testing Page flow optimization and insights

Google Analytics

Deriving valuable insights from Data is trickier than it looks. Only with Google Analytics, can you analyze business data in one place and get a deeper understanding of your clients.

The hands-on expertise of our industry-leading Google Analytics experts lets you measure your User Traffic, Insight Metrics, Conversions, advertising ROI, and also aid troubleshooting, ongoing reporting, advanced implementation, etc.

Here are the additional benefits of SPIN’s Google Analytics services:

  • Analyzes the site/app development for better evaluation of marketing, product, and content performance.
  • Acquires Google’s insights and ML capabilities for optimum use of data
  • Uses such insights to connect with customers and maximize output
  • Uses an easy interface to share reports and data quickly
advance analytics

Advanced Analytics

Transform Data into actionable insights.Data alone is simply information; turning that data into actionable insights to project future trends, events, and behaviors is the tricky part.

For this purpose, our team of certified experts combines analytical tools like R, Tableau, Google Sheets, Shufflepoint, BigQuery, and more to provide services like Data Analysis and Visualization.

From providing behavioral insights to providing a visually appealing Analytics dashboard and Reporting Platform, our Advanced Analytics solutions take care of your every business angle.

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