Large corporations:

Whether you are looking for a consultant that will take you through the entire Data Engineering, Business Insights, Data Science & Analytics process, or you just need help project by project….SPIN Analytics can help

As an independent firm, we find the solution that is right for your business – we don’t sell you the product that is right for us. We combine our specializations and the knowledge of our most experienced people into a team that works well with you, giving you the insight you need and challenging your approach to build right insights to help your business grow.

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Start-ups and SMBs:

Don’t have a Data engineering team? Don’t have a Data Platform set up? Don’t have Business Intelligence team or the infrastructure? Don’t have a Data Science or Analytics team? Do not have enough budget to think about these functions?

Do not worry. We are here to help!

SPIN can be your team and set you up for success. We can build the infrastructure and support your Business Intelligence and Analytic functions to help your business grow by our in-house experts.

Not sure if you want Business Intelligence, Data Science & Analytic functions for your business today, but need some business insights?

With our low budget Business Intelligence Portals, you can login into your profile and manage your day to day business reports with help of our experts who will be there to support you 24/7. We will dedicate one analyst completely dedicated to provide insights and help your business growth.

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Marketing Agencies:

Are you an agency of great marketers and need help with campaign analytics or help with targeting the right customers. SPIN team can be your analytics channel partners and help your clients get the best analytical insights that include and not limited to Campaign Analytics, Targeting, A/B test set up, CLV, Propensity models, Reports, Dashboards and many more.

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Do not belong to any of the above our categorization? That is our categorization, you don’t have to fit our categorization, we will accommodate any size or any organization to help with our services.

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With SPIN as your partner, say hello to proactive analytics that work. Tell us how we can help!

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