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Step 2: SPIN runs the model
Step 3: SPIN loads the file to the cloud
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Focus your sales and marketing resources on the best opportunities with SPIN’s Propensity to Buy model

SPIN’s Propensity to Buy model

Based on Predictive Analytics, SPIN’s Propensity model will put an end to the wild goose chase of your sales team by:

Ranking sales lead from high to low category
Providing a clear picture of marketing investment areas
Segregating non-productive leads from productive ones
Predict the buying behaviour of your customers and optimize your marketing endeavours

How SPIN’s Propensity to Buy model helps

Lists the customers anticipated to buy a specific product
Anticipates the next product a customer may think to buy
Lists the customers who may cut down expenditure
Encourages systematic and proper client interactions
Efficient resource allocation and higher productivity

Prioritize clients most likely to buy a product/service and witness your acquisition strategies experience a higher ROI with SPIN’s proactive business models.

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