Step 1: Upload client file
Step 2: SPIN runs the model
Step 3: SPIN loads the file to the cloud
Step 4: View results and download

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Forecast your accurate revenue and give an instant boost to your future sales activities.Make a calculated guess about the revenue your business will rope in the upcoming year

SPIN’s Revenue Forecasting Model approach

The Pipeline Approach
  • Includes measuring and tracking company’s sales pipeline
  • The data is easy to understand and access
Backlog Approach
  • Calculates the usual run rate of teams
  • Delivers high-level and holistic revenue forecast
  • Easy to calculate sans heavy factoring
  • Can be easily translated into capacity
Resource-driven Forecasting
  • Precise and detailed forecasts
  • Makes informed and scheduled changes
  • Points out capacity shortfalls
  • Highlights projects that are running behind schedule

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Churn Models
Churn Models
Devise a data-driven Customer Retention strategy with real-time risk prediction from SPIN
Propensity to Buy Model
Propensity to Buy Model
Focus your sales and marketing resources on the best opportunities with SPIN’s Propensity to Buy model.
customer profiling
Customer Profiling
Leverage SPIN’s model to yield a precise description of targeted consumers and improve your customer acquisition strategy.
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