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Learn How US Retail Banking Sector Can Harness The Power of Analytics

With the technological advancements in analytics, data –utilization trends in the banking industry are improving rapidly. The US retail banking industry is transforming itself with the help of analytics to enhance the customer experience and to improve sales globally. It is also unleashing ways to cope up with post-pandemic with the help of analytics.

Customer profiling to identify at-risk and strategized marketing

Retail banks can utilize the relevant data from their customers’ behavior history and financial backgrounds to identify risk and to target customers of similar behavior.  Analytics can harness the digital footprints of customers’ behavior to identify identical patterns and helps banks with customer profiling creates impactful engagements.

Re-configure branch roles in line with customer’ behavior and provide higher value

The customer behavior of banks depends upon wide factors like geography, gender, political & social conditions. Banks have realized that the customer base and needs of each bank are not identical. Analytics can help the US banking industry to re-configure each branch to serve its customers with a top-notch personalized experience.  Critical business problems like customer attrition and loyalty can be resolved with high-value offerings and personalized cross/up-sell recommendations.

Create personalized digital journeys by leveraging AI & ML

In the current digital world, it is appropriate to measure the overall customer satisfaction than to capture the experience at individual interactions. Analytics with the help of modern technologies like AI & ML can pave a digital way for enhanced overall customer satisfaction. Such enriched AI-Based customer journey designed with relevant triggers helps banks improve customer loyalty and to create an efficient rewards model.

It is undeniable that the spurt of data analytics has opened up potential opportunities for the US retail banking sector. Data has become a valuable asset to enhance customer banking experience. The banking industry realized that personalization is the key to increased sales and customer retention and advanced analytics has brought a rapid shift in helping banks understand their customers’ needs and providing high-value services.

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